"You tell a gelding, ask a mare,
but you must discuss it with a stallion."
- Anonymous

"What the colt learns in youth he continues in old age."
- French Proverb

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Sybilla Corbuc has an uncommon understanding of the horses she cares for, but there are men who distrust such wisdom in a woman. Forced to become a nobleman's servant to avoid prison, Sybilla finds herself bound by chains that are stronger still—she cannot deny her passionate feelings for her new master, Sir Guy of Warwick. Neither is prepared to submit to the other, but his dark eyes and his unbridled desire are too potent a force to resist…


Brought together by the birth of a mysterious colt, an animal of supernatural power that may foretell their destiny, they embark upon a perilous journey as the kingdom crumbles around them, a journey that will bring them ever closer to each other—and to the danger that lies ahead. And only love can save them…

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DARK RIDER wins the Romantic Times Bookclub Reveiws Sept. K.I.S.S. award (Knight in Shining Silver) for historical hero!

  Dark Rider

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Kathrynn Dennis' debut romance, "Dark Rider," will dazzle readers with its beautifully crafted characters, vividly detailed medieval setting and captivating plot rife with passion and intrigue!
--- John Charles, Chicago Tribune


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