"A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"
- Richard III - William Shakespeare

"My horse has a hoof of striped agate; His fetlock is like fine eagle plume. His legs are like quick lightening. My horse has a tail like a trailing black cloud. His mane is made of short rainbows. My horse's eyes are made of big stars."
- Navajo war god's horse song



DARK RIDER hits the shelves at Borders Book Store at MacCarthy Ranch! Only one copy left!


My first reader...Border's customer Allyssa
bought an autographed copy of DARK RIDER!
Yea., Allyssa!

Where I write

Where I write...


Fellow Kensington author,
Jackie Ivy with me at the
RWA national convention in Dallas, TX, 2007.
They called us the tall blue ladies!


Diva, friend, and fellow RWA member, Ann Mallory (who writes for Avon) strikes a pose. We were all going out to dinner before the big award ceremony at the RWAs national convention in Dallas (she's gonna kill me when she sees this photo). That's either Candace Hern's or Bella Andre's leg in the background!


Bay Area romance writers, the FOG CITY DIVAS (and friends) in the limo on the way to dinner in Dallas!

My horse

My horse Jawknee Reb---well, I just couldn't take his photo down. ;-)

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