"When I sit bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots in the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes. . . he is pure air and fire . . . the prince of palfreys; his neigh is like the bidding of a monarch and his countenance enforces homage."
- William Shakespeare, Henry V

"And indeed, a horse who bears himself proudly is a thing of such beauty and astonishment that he attracts the eyes of all beholders; no one will tire of looking at him as long as he will display himself in his splendor."
- Xenophon


Hot off the press reviews for Shadow Rider!

"The color, vibrancy, and excitement of the Middle Ages allows. Dennis to create a memorable tale of two people whose destiny is tied to a mystical colt. Dennis tells her story with passion, drama, and a love of animals that will enthrall readers."
-- 4 Stars! Romantic Times Reviews, SHADOW RIDER

"...a great read for lovers of horses, romance and history."
-- Top Pick! July 2008 ParaNormalRomance.org

"I've never been one to get excited about animals in books, but this one grabbed my heart. I felt the pain of Sybilla when her choices are taken away with her horse and the agony of Sir Guy's guilt in his sister's death. Their perilous journey and the unusual horse that unites them, makes this tale a keeper."
---Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly


Reviews for Dark Rider

Kathrynn Dennis' debut romance, "Dark Rider," will dazzle readers with its beautifully crafted characters, vividly detailed medieval setting and captivating plot rife with passion and intrigue!
--- John Charles, Chicago Tribune

"An extraordinary debut! Dark Rider is a spellbinding tale of sensuality, adventure, betrayal, and romance that I couldn't put down. Kathrynn Dennis is a shining new talent."
--- Lorraine Heath,
New York Times bestseller/USA Today bestseller

"Dennis' debut marks the entrance of a powerful voice into medieval romance. The era comes to life in fresh, vibrant expression as her strong, engaging characters tackle vicious enemies and engage in wild adventures. This hard-to-put-down novel will keep you up all night."
--- 4 Stars from Romantic Times Magazine

"DARK RIDER by Kathryn Dennis is a story that transports the reader back in time with its passion and medieval action. It is a definite keeper that will be read again and again!"

"...non-stop action"
--- Fresh Fiction

"Dark Rider sweeps you away into a delicious medieval fantasy filled with a heroic knight, a not-so-helpless damsel in distress and a dash of horse magic. Dark Rider gallops to a climax that will leave you flushed, breathless and yearning for more!"
--- Writers Unlimited Reviews

"What a story! The description of the era is so finely detailed...the history and pageantry come shinning through. Dark Rider is a fast read and well-rounded tale....hope to see more from this author. She does know horses and men."
--- Munchkin Books Reader's Group

"The adventure and the action in Dark Rider had me biting my nails at times ... I turned the pages as fast as I could to get to the end of the book. The romance between Sir Robert and Lady Eldswythe is one of the sweetest and one of the most memorable ones that I've read in a long time... I see a lot of great stories coming out of Kathryn Dennis."
--- Fallen Angel Reviews

"Kathryn Dennis bursts on the scene with a medieval tale that is certain to please fans of the genre . . . Robert and Eldswythe is a remarkable couple. Both are strong, intelligent, brave and loyal to family and friends. The adventure they share is realistically portrayed, brought to vivid life by the author's descriptive talents. The love scenes are romantic and poignant, while the battle scenes are graphic and intense. A wild ride of non-stop action, Dark Rider is a fabulous read I will not soon forget."
--- Romance Designs Reviews

"Kathrynn Dennis’s Dark Rider has everything I love in a medieval romance… Dennis will soon be a fly-away favorite for fans of the subgenre, if this well-written medieval romance is anything to go by!"
--- Heartstrings Reviews

"DARK RIDER is an adventurous tale of two outsiders who must stop a powerful enemy…. The fast pace of the story continues until the last page. Will Robert and Eldswythe survive and have the chance to love? You will need to read DARK RIDER to find out!"
--- Romance Reviews Today


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